About Us

The Company

CarVDB.com is a rare gem on the market for online vehicle trade. Developed to serve exclusively the needs and wants of its customers, it is a product of next generation.

Refusing to follow the established profit oriented trends, all of our website features are developed and constantly being improved to deliver a superior quality while the only guide point and main driving force always remains the same – our users’ experience. No matter if you want to find the best new car or sell your old motorcycle or RV for a great price, you can always rely on same great functionality.

We take pride in our product and strongly believe that the one word to be used to describe the experience we offer to our users is just this - incomparable.

We Like It Simple. We Make It Simple!


CarVDB.com - About us



The People

The professionalism and complete devotion of our team has made the company what it is today. We challenge our employees to give the best of them in everything they do and they frequently manage to exceed and go beyond ours and our customers’ and partners’ expectations.

Our company - these are our employees, our business - this is what they do.